Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller, Black

The brand new Caboose Graphite is a must-have for parents jogging with children of diverse ages simply because it offers double baby stroller features in a compact size. With a brand new lean profile and upgraded features, the Caboose continues to enable older brothers and sisters. Little ones get a boost of independence and really feel like large kids when they may decide to sit or stand, face forward or backwards, while riding on this tandem baby stroller. No need to attach an extra riding board as the Caboose has a built-in stand-on platform for kids to remain and trip or they may sit on the rear bench seat (mother and father do not need to raise their small children in or out of the stroller either). Parents expecting their 2nd child love that they’ll produce a baby travel system to carry their toddler and newborn. The Caboose Graphite comes with a universal car seat adapter that has infant facing towards you and in total view while jogging. Having both children close may be a lifesaver to help mother and father keep tabs on both kids. If your children are within 2 years of each other, you might consider the optional Caboose Rear Seat, which converts the rear bench seat into a front-facing, full-size, reclining seat. This accessory is offered separately and it retracts up with the stroller for convenience. It’s also easy to install or uninstall. The brand new Caboose Graphite includes the following updates from the previous version: A graphite-colored steel body, a new 3-position front seat, a bigger canopy with an extended visor, linked parking brake and 4-wheel suspension. Additionally, the Caboose comes with a tray and universal infant car seat adapter that suits most main brands. Every seat offers a capacity of forty five lbs.

Price: $149.99