4moms Origami Bassinet, Black/ Silver

4moms Origami Bassinet, Black/ Silver
Roam around with your baby with this classy Best baby pram. Its design, unlike others, is for reclining position. Mostly, babies from birth up to six months can use this special basket. Its classical effect made it looks extraordinary among other strollers.
This Best Bassinet has exceptional features:

It includes a bassinet in black with soft mattress. Wherein, you can place your baby in here with a perfect fit. They will enjoy the beauty of nature together with its soft and comfortable mattresses.

It has an adjustable sunshade to protect your baby from excessive sunlight during the day. Whenever you want, you can adjust it from time to time.
Next, it has a carry handle. It allows parents to carry the stroller the lightest as possible.
This baby buggy is an outstanding choice for parents who wanted to give their baby a complete rest through lying down. Since babies are more into sleeping than sitting, this is just right.

However, a longer usage term is not for this buggy. It can only last up to 6 months because it does not have any adjustable feature for a baby who can already sit or pull himself up. This is just a way too small for seven months onwards.
Overall, this baby carriage is a design made for little ones. Though its use is limited, it will surely give your infant a comfortable bassinet before it explores the world through sitting.